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Middle School Level

Grades 6 - 8

In the Middle School years, emotional and social development is entwined with accelerated academic development. We’ve designed our program around that understanding, allowing students the opportunity to build their academic skills, enhance their technology awareness and skills, earn high school credits, engage in athletics, and express themselves creatively, all within the school day.

Academically, our teachers strive to capitalize on the students’ social and physical skills, and as a result our students learn in a wide variety of ways, including:
  • engaging in team based instruction and student leadership opportunities
  • writing short stories and constructing research assignments
  • serving as "young ambassadors" to help first graders understand their early math
  • organizing their electronic work and assignment in electric portfolios
  • digitally narrating and developing compositions with images to best display their writing, grammar, usage, and mechanics in language arts.
  • interacting problem-by-problem learning accelerated math skills in Pre-Algebra and Algebra
  • developing exploration and learning through hands on experiments in Science in the newly designed Science Lab.
  • learning computer technology on Laptop Computers, Microsoft Desktop Computers, and in the Apple Computer Lab with enhanced software.
Teaching and learning at the Hamilton County Mathematics and Science Academy is dedicated to the development of the whole child. All students are expected to strive for academic excellence. All staff at the academy believes that all children can learn. All staff members teaches state aligned curriculum and remain responsive to student needs and demands. We believe that, in order to thrive to potential, every child must be known and nurtured. The academy expects a level of intimacy that is dependent on teachers who will adapt to a variety of learning needs and styles, as well as on learners who must challenge themselves and engage in expanding their minds through a broad range of approaches.